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bigshotstock combines the stock libraries of multiple photographers. Each individual photographer has their own ways of cataloging pictures.

If your search doesn't return any listings, try being a little more general. If you used more than one word, select the "any of these words" checkbox, or select "ALL" from the Category dropdown list.

eg: Searching for "Rice" in the "ALL" category will return several pages of results, including "Condoleezza Rice", "Walter C. Price, Jr." and others, as well as numerous pictures of rice farmers in Bali.

If your search returns too many items, your search terms may be too broad. Try being more specific, or check the "this exact phrase" box to specify that the results should contain ALL of your search terms.

e.g: Assuming you had the politician Rice in mind, restricting your search to the "People" category would get you closer. Typing "Condoleezza Rice" and selecting the "this exact phrase" checkbox would bring you exactly the results you were looking for. By the way, if you're unsure of the proper spelling of a name, type just a portion: "con rice" will work just as well, although you may get more than you were looking for.

Some search terms may be so broad that they return far too many matches to be useful. For instance, searching for "cisco" will yield numerous results, many of them containing "San Francisco" - probably not what you were looking for. You can narrow this down considerably by entering "cisco systems" and selecting the "this exact phrase" checkbox.

If this strategy doesn't return what you were looking for, try altering the terms. For instance, "Sun Microsystems" would yield several pictures of executives of this company, but would miss a few potentially useful images where the photographer labelled them "Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun", or "Sun Micro Systems".

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