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This is a partial listing of stock portrait subjects available from bigshotstock photographers.

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Peter Gilbert, PennsPeter Gilbert, Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System, Lehigh UniversityPeter Gilbert, Penns
Thomas Robertson, ThThomas Robertson, The Wharton SchoolThomas Robertson, Th
Ed Bastin, Delta AirEd Bastin, Delta Airlines, planeEd Bastin, Delta Air
Deborah Cunningham, Deborah Cunningham, Federated Investment Management CompanyDeborah Cunningham,
Leonard F. Griehs, VLeonard F. Griehs, Vice President-Investor Relations, Cambell Soup CompanyLeonard F. Griehs, V
Russell Abrams of TiRussell Abrams of Titan Capital GroupRussell Abrams of Ti
Dr. Steven Nissen ofDr. Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic, stephen, steveDr. Steven Nissen of
Lloyd Blankfein of GLloyd Blankfein of Goldman, Sachs & Co.Lloyd Blankfein of G
Ray Shirazi of CadwaRay Shirazi of Cadwalader, Wickersham & TaftRay Shirazi of Cadwa
Alphonso Petrillo ofAlphonso Petrillo of StudleyAlphonso Petrillo of
Leslie and Leigh KenLeslie and Leigh Keno, AntiquesLeslie and Leigh Ken
Arthur Steinmetz of Arthur Steinmetz of Oppenheimer FundsArthur Steinmetz of
Ronald Lauder at NeuRonald Lauder at Neue Galerie and Cafe SabarskyRonald Lauder at Neu
Daniel Mark OppenheiDaniel Mark Oppenheim, Daniel Oppenheim of Bank of America, BancDaniel Mark Oppenhei
Chuck BarrisChuck BarrisChuck Barris
Lorna WendtLorna WendtLorna Wendt
Divorce- Robert PaluDivorce- Robert PalumboDivorce- Robert Palu
David Gordon WilsonDavid Gordon WilsonDavid Gordon Wilson
Arturo Cifuentes of Arturo Cifuentes of Press PrichArturo Cifuentes of
Andrew Brown of WhitAndrew Brown of White Dog CafeAndrew Brown of Whit
Wendell Johnson of DWendell Johnson of Diamond Auto Spa, Car WashWendell Johnson of D
Russell Abrams of TiRussell Abrams of Titan Capital GroupRussell Abrams of Ti
Ras Kass, Rapper, StRas Kass, Rapper, Studio City, Calif. 10.21.05Ras Kass, Rapper, St
Keegan Michael Key, Keegan Michael Key, Comedian, Hollywood, Calif. 11.13.06Keegan Michael Key,
Stephanie AuwerterStephanie AuwerterStephanie Auwerter
Green Guide, Wendy GGreen Guide, Wendy Gordon & Seth BauerGreen Guide, Wendy G
Migu Press, LawrenceMigu Press, Lawrence, Pamela, Philip, and Georgina Mirabile and Tony Cino. Creamy cock-a-poo dogMigu Press, Lawrence
David & Helly NaDavid & Helly Nahmad of Helly Nahmad GalleryDavid & Helly Na
Jono Steinberg of WiJono Steinberg of Wisdom TreeJono Steinberg of Wi
Daniel LibeskindDaniel LibeskindDaniel Libeskind
Richard Keiser of SaRichard Keiser of Sanford BernsteinRichard Keiser of Sa
John Katzman and MicJohn Katzman and Michael Perik of Princeton ReviewJohn Katzman and Mic
Stephen Waldis of SyStephen Waldis of SynchronossStephen Waldis of Sy
Twin Farms Resort, BTwin Farms Resort, Barnard, VT, January 17, 2007Twin Farms Resort, B
Wainwright Bank in SWainwright Bank in Somerville, MA, has set up a customer friendly area that invites customers to spend time in the bank, sipping coffee & surfing the web, much like a cafe. March 20, 2006. © 2006 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Bank in S
Revivicor, Inc. tranRevivicor, Inc. transgenic pigs at the Revivicor farm in Blacksburg, VA, 09/01/05. The small pigs are 'Double Knock-outs'. The large pig is 'Double Knock-out Plus Human Gene'. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ..., Inc. tran
Transgenic goats at Transgenic goats at GTC Biotherapeutics, Inc.'s farm in Charlton, MA, August 16, 2005. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... goats at
Doctors and studentsDoctors and students practice emergency medical procedures in Brigham & Women's Hospital's STRATUS Center (Simulation, Training, Resuscitation and Technology Utilization System), May 24, 2005. ©2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... www.shawnhenry.comDoctors and students
Sepracor Research LaSepracor Research Lab, Marlborough, MA, 01/06/2004 © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Sepracor Research La
EMC Clarion, 01/13/2EMC Clarion, 01/13/2003 © 2003 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469EMC Clarion, 01/13/2
Christmas Shoppers iChristmas Shoppers in Boston, MA, 11/29/2003 © 2003 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Christmas Shoppers i
Kraft Family Blood DKraft Family Blood Donor Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institue, Stem Cell Harvesting, January 23, 2003 © 2003 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Kraft Family Blood D
Charles River Labs, Charles River Labs, Wilmington, MA, 9/20/02. © Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Charles River Labs,
Polaroid facility, PPolaroid facility, Polaroid Park, Norwood, MA 7/23/02 © 2002 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Polaroid facility, P
Dunkin Donuts, 11/29Dunkin Donuts, 11/29/2004 © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Dunkin Donuts, 11/29
A Burger King franchA Burger King franchise in Troy, NY owned by the Carrols Corporation. March 27, 2006. © 2006 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Burger King franch
Lilliputian Systems Lilliputian Systems in Wilmington, MA, May 2, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Lilliputian Systems
ViaCell, Inc. in WorViaCell, Inc. in Worcester, MA., 05/31/2005 © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469ViaCell, Inc. in Wor
Paul Buchheit & Paul Buchheit & Bret Taylor of FriendFeed togetherPaul Buchheit &
Beth Schoenfeldt &amBeth Schoenfeldt & Victoria Colligan of Ladies Who LaunchBeth Schoenfeldt &am
Wrigley Company InnoWrigley Company Innovation Center, ChicagoWrigley Company Inno
Marty Rosen, Abbie LMarty Rosen, Abbie Lebowitz, Health AdvocatesMarty Rosen, Abbie L
Jim Simons, James SiJim Simons, James Simons, Renaissance TechnologiesJim Simons, James Si
Jim Simons, James SiJim Simons, James Simons, Renaissance TechnologiesJim Simons, James Si
Robert Nardelli, JimRobert Nardelli, Jim Press, Thomas LaSorda, ChryslerRobert Nardelli, Jim
Robert Nardelli, JimRobert Nardelli, Jim Press, Thomas LaSorda, ChryslerRobert Nardelli, Jim
Carlyle Group, WilliCarlyle Group, William Conway, Daniel D'Amiello, David RubensteinCarlyle Group, Willi
Carlyle Group, WilliCarlyle Group, William Conway, Daniel D'Amiello, David RubensteinCarlyle Group, Willi
Greg Hayes, United TGreg Hayes, United TechnologiesGreg Hayes, United T
Dr. Bert Vogelstein,Dr. Bert Vogelstein, Johns Hopkins UniversityDr. Bert Vogelstein,
Glen Greenberg, ThomGlen Greenberg, Thomas Stern, John Shapiro, Joshua Slocum, Cheiftain Capital ManagementGlen Greenberg, Thom
General Motors, Bob General Motors, Bob Lutz, Tom Stevens, Rick Wagoner, Bob KruseGeneral Motors, Bob
General Motors, Bob General Motors, Bob Lutz, Tom Stevens, Rick Wagoner, Bob KruseGeneral Motors, Bob
General Motors, Bob General Motors, Bob Lutz, Tom Stevens, Rick Wagoner, Bob KruseGeneral Motors, Bob
General Motors, Bob General Motors, Bob Lutz, Tom Stevens, Rick Wagoner, Bob KruseGeneral Motors, Bob
Condoleezza Rice, U.Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of StateCondoleezza Rice, U.
Condoleezza Rice, U.Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of StateCondoleezza Rice, U.
filter, band, musicfilter, band, musicfilter, band, music
Robert Herz - FinancRobert Herz - Financial Accounting Standards Board - 2008Robert Herz - Financ
Kathy Cloninger - GiKathy Cloninger - Girl Scouts of America - 2008Kathy Cloninger - Gi
Roger Faxon - EMI MuRoger Faxon - EMI Music Publishing - 2008Roger Faxon - EMI Mu
L A Reid and Steve BL A Reid and Steve Bartels - Def Jam - 2008L A Reid and Steve B
Seth Godin - 2008Seth Godin - 2008Seth Godin - 2008
Carne Ross - IndepenCarne Ross - Independent Diplomat - 2008Carne Ross - Indepen
Newt Gingrich - 2008Newt Gingrich - 2008Newt Gingrich - 2008
Phillip Widman, TerePhillip Widman, Terex CorporationPhillip Widman, Tere
Phillip Widman, TerePhillip Widman, Terex CorporationPhillip Widman, Tere
Jeffrey Molitor, TheJeffrey Molitor, The Vanguard GroupJeffrey Molitor, The
Hope Cohen, SaladworHope Cohen, SaladworksHope Cohen, Saladwor
Evetta Petty of HarlEvetta Petty of Harlem's Heaven BoutiqueEvetta Petty of Harl
Ovid Winery - Mark NOvid Winery - Mark Nelson, Dana Johnson, Andy Erickson, Janet PaganoOvid Winery - Mark N
Saul GriffithSaul GriffithSaul Griffith
Saul GriffithSaul GriffithSaul Griffith
Woody Johnson, New YWoody Johnson, New York Jets ownerWoody Johnson, New Y
Dave YostDave YostDave Yost
Lance Armstrong, livLance Armstrong, livestrongLance Armstrong, liv
Paul FarrPaul FarrPaul Farr
Penny PritzkerPenny PritzkerPenny Pritzker
Reshma ShettyReshma ShettyReshma Shetty
Reshma ShettyReshma ShettyReshma Shetty
Peter SemmelhackPeter SemmelhackPeter Semmelhack
Jim NewtonJim NewtonJim Newton
Neil GershenfeldNeil GershenfeldNeil Gershenfeld
John CarmackJohn CarmackJohn Carmack
Brian Williams, NBC Brian Williams, NBC News, fireman, footballBrian Williams, NBC
Donald Korb, InternaDonald Korb, Internal Revenue Service, IRSDonald Korb, Interna
Cynthia Breazeal, MICynthia Breazeal, MIT, robotsCynthia Breazeal, MI
Matthews InternationMatthews International Capital Management, LLC. ' Richard Gao, Mark Headley and Andrew Foster, Portlio Managers photographed in San Francisco.Matthews Internation
Barack Obama, PresidBarack Obama, President of the United StatesBarack Obama, Presid
Yang Yuanging, PresiYang Yuanging, President of LenovoYang Yuanging, Presi
Sue Troll, VP of T. Sue Troll, VP of T. Rowe PriceSue Troll, VP of T.
Jim Kennedy, Brian RJim Kennedy, Brian Rogers, Ed Bernard, T. Rowe PriceJim Kennedy, Brian R
T. Rowe Price, TradiT. Rowe Price, Trading FloorT. Rowe Price, Tradi
T. Rowe Price, TradiT. Rowe Price, Trading FloorT. Rowe Price, Tradi
Wall Street, the gooWall Street, the good yearsWall Street, the goo
These 'average Joe' These 'average Joe' workers in Allentown, PA have been affected by the economic downturn... a waitress, a small business owner with child, a female butcher, & hospital employee.These 'average Joe'
Editors: Penny Wang,Editors: Penny Wang, Janice Revell & Paul LimEditors: Penny Wang,
Michael Ashley and MMichael Ashley and Michael Primeau of Lend AmericaMichael Ashley and M
Charles de Vaulx &amCharles de Vaulx & Charles de Lardemelle of IVA Funds, ChuckCharles de Vaulx &am
Vestas wind turbine Vestas wind turbine facility - ColoradoVestas wind turbine
Napa Valley, winerieNapa Valley, wineries, portraitsNapa Valley, winerie
Cuba, Havana, travelCuba, Havana, travel photography, portraitsCuba, Havana, travel
Mary Wallace JaenschMary Wallace Jaensch & Rachel Braun Scherl of ZestraMary Wallace Jaensch
George Ackert, ChrisGeorge Ackert, Chris Lynch, Chris Nicholson, Mark Friedman, Mark Whatley & Mark Williamson of EvercoreGeorge Ackert, Chris
Brian and Kevin DrisBrian and Kevin Driscoll of Phoenix PressBrian and Kevin Dris
Rajen Sheth, Sam SilRajen Sheth, Sam Sillace, Bradley Horowitz of GoogleRajen Sheth, Sam Sil
Dorothy AtkinsDorothy AtkinsDorothy Atkins
airport security at airport security at BWIairport security at
23andme 23andme23andme
Aceyalone Aceyalone, Hip Hop Artist/Rapper, Los Angeles, CA 5.21.03Aceyalone
Boeing Boeing 747 Final Assembly, Everett Washington many others, please contact me for detailsBoeing
Boeing Boeing 737 Final assembly plant Renton Washington, many others available, please contact me for detailsBoeing
CAA CAA : Creative Artist Agency, Group Portrait of all top executives of CAA in Beverly Hills, CA.CAA
C-Diddy C-Diddy, 2003 National Air Guitar Champion, at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA 6.28.03C-Diddy
Computers-Workers, Chips , Assembly, Manufacturing Computers, Workers, Chips, Assembly, ManufacturingComputers-Workers, Chips , Assembly, Manufacturing
David Friedman David Friedman, Econonist son of Milton FriedmanDavid Friedman
DJ Haul & Mason DJ Haul & Mason, House-Music DJs, Atwater Village, CA 2.11.05DJ Haul & Mason
Fyodor Fyodor - Hacker - NmapFyodor
Immigration IMMIGRATION: Immigrants are sworn in as New US citizens. The new Americans were given small flags to wave at the ceremony.Immigration
Morcheeba Members of Morcheeba (Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards), Hollywood, Calif. July 2003Morcheeba
shiva worship of lord shiva, he is being bathed with milk to keep him cool.' india, shiva, snake, hinduism,shiva
Students Students at MIT's campus in Cambridge, MA, May 9, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Students
Workers Workers at the Gloucester Seafood Display Auction, in Gloucester, MA, prepare the containers of fish for buyers, July 24, 2006.. © 2006 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ...
Z-Trip DJ Z-Trip, House-Music DJ, Los Angeles, Calif. 3.12.05Z-Trip
Boeing 777Boeing 777, on assembly line in Edmonds WA.Boeing 777
Sharif Abdur-RahimSharif Abdur-Rahim, Vancouver Grizzlies, StudioSharif Abdur-Rahim
Lois AbrahamLois Abraham - attorneyLois Abraham
Norm AbramRichard Trethway, Robert Cook, Kevin O'Connor, Norm Abram, and Tom Silva (L to R), at the This Old House, Carlisle Farmhouse Project, Carlisle, MA. March 3, 2005. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Norm Abram
Norm AbramMaster carpenter Norm Abram at the This Old House, Carlisle Farmhouse Project, Carlisle, MA. March 3, 2005. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Norm Abram
George Abrams(L-R) David Andelman, Philippe Dauman, and George Abrams, September 19, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469George Abrams
George Abrams(L-R) Tom Dooley, Leslie Moonves, David Andelman, George Abrams, Philippe Dauman, and Sumner Redstone, September 19, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469George Abrams
Robin AbramsRobin Abrams, Chemdex / VentroRobin Abrams
John AbramsonJohn Abramson, MD, author of Overdosed America, at his home in Ipswich, MA, November 1, 2004. © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469John Abramson
Ralph J. AcamporaRalph J. Acampora, former Managing Director, Prudential Securities Inc.Ralph J. Acampora
Christopher AcitoChristopher Acito, Principal/Managing Director, Casey, Quirk & Acito LLCChristopher Acito
Forrest AckermanForrest J. Ackerman, Science Fiction Collector, Los Feliz, CA 10.26.03Forrest Ackerman
Joel AckermanJoel Ackerman, Minneapolis healthcare computer consultantJoel Ackerman
George AckertGeorge Ackert of EvercoreGeorge Ackert
Hank AdamsHank Adams, CEO Sportvision, Chicago ILHank Adams
Julian AdamsMark Levin, CEO, and Julian Adams, Senior VP for Drug Discovery, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at the company headquarters in Cambridge, MA, 04/07/03. © 2003 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Julian Adams
Julian AdamsJulian Adams, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA, March 18, 2005. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469.Julian Adams
Julian AdamsJulian Adams, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, and Steven H. Holtzman, president and CEO, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA, March 18, 2005. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469.Julian Adams
Scott AdamsScott Adams, creator of Dilbert comic stripScott Adams
Jonathan AdelsteinJonathan S. Adelstein, FCC Commissioner, sits for a portrait at the FCC in Washington, DC, May 7, 2007.Jonathan Adelstein
Len AdlemanLen Adleman, Professor, USC, Los Angeles, CALen Adleman
Ramona AfricaRamona AfricaRamona Africa
Abel Aganbegyanbel G. Aganbegyan, Russian economist under GorbechevAbel Aganbegyan
Shai AgassiAgassi, Shai, SAP, Executive Board MemberShai Agassi
Roger AilesRoger Ailes, Fox News Chairman and CEO, at entrance to Studio Newsroom in NYC, and in Fox News 'war room'Roger Ailes
Dan AirelyDan Airely, Behavioral Economist, Duke University, Durham NCDan Airely
John AitchisonJohn Aitchison, Ph.D., Professor, Institute for Systems Biology. Photographed at the Institute, Seattle, WA. 10/27/6.John Aitchison
Kwabena AkufoKwabena Akufo -- TellLabsKwabena Akufo
Daniel AlarconPortrait of Daniel Alarcon, a young Peruvian-born novelist whose new novel, 'Lost City Radio' was recently published by HarperCollins . Photo by Kim KulishDaniel Alarcon
Richard AlatorreRichard Alatorre, Former Los Angeles City Councilman, At his home in Eagle Rock, Calif. 4.4.05Richard Alatorre
Tom A. AlbergTom A. Alberg, Madrona Venture GroupTom A. Alberg
Robert AlbertsonRobert Albertson, Principal & Chief Strategist, Sandler O'Neill & Partners photographed at his office in NYC.Robert Albertson
Mitch AlbomMitch Albom--AuthorMitch Albom
Madeleine AlbrightFormer US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during an interview at her Washington, DC offices September 19, 2005.Madeleine Albright
Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin, Astronaut StarcraftEnterprisesBuzz Aldrin
Aleina AlexanderAleina Alexander, law student and web columnist in St. Paul, MNAleina Alexander
Claudia AlexanderDr. Claudia Alexander, Astrophysicist, JPL, Pasadena, CA 9.24.02Claudia Alexander
Malcolm AlexanderMalcolm Alexander, founder of Global Promotions: makers of 'Bobble Dobble Bobbleheads'Malcolm Alexander
Sherman AlexieSherman Alexie, Author, Director, on an abandoned freeway bridge.Sherman Alexie
Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali, Boxer. (Mohammed / Muhammed)Muhammad Ali
J AllardJ. Allard. Microsoft, Corporate VP X-Box PlatformJ Allard
J AllardJ Allard - Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Design and Development, Entertainment and Devices DivisionJ Allard
J AllardJ Allard (L) and Robbie Bach, 'inside' the game 'Gears of War,' an XBox game. The soldier is the game's hero, Marcus Fenix.J Allard
Jim AllchinJim Allchin, Co-President, Platforms Products & Services Division, Microsoft Corp. Photographed at Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond, WA. 11/7/6.Jim Allchin
Jim AllchinJim Allchin, Microsoft Platforms Group VPJim Allchin
Jim AllchinJim Allchin, Microsoft Platforms Group VPJim Allchin
Jeff AllenJeff Allen of SeagateJeff Allen
Lewis AllenPortrait of Lewis Allen, Option One Mortgage Corporation chief appraiser with his tablet computer in Irvine, CalifLewis Allen
Paul AllenPaul Allen, CEO of Vulcan Ventures. Some images include the Flipstart computer.Paul Allen
Paul AllenPaul Allen, Vulcan Ventures, Mercer Island, WAPaul Allen
Paul AllenPaul Allen, CEO Vulcan VenturesPaul Allen
Ted AllenTed Allen - Queer Eye for the Straight GuyTed Allen
Isabel AllendeIsabel AllendeIsabel Allende
Isabel AllendeAllende, Isabel, WriterIsabel Allende
Mike AllstotMike AllstotMike Allstot
Brian AllumBrian Allum, MacroMedia, San Francisco, CABrian Allum
Danny AlmonteDanny Almonte baseball player in The Bronx New York CityDanny Almonte
Alfredo AlonsoAlfredo Alonso, Senior VP Hispanic Radio, Clear Channel RadioAlfredo Alonso
Rosemary AlteaRosemary Altea, AuthorRosemary Altea
Michael AltenbergMichael Altenberg, Chef, Bistro CampagnolaMichael Altenberg
Tehani Al-TerkateTehani Al-Terkate, Media Attache for the Information Office of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait - 1/20/2005Tehani Al-Terkate
Ken AltmanKen Altman of the Altman GroupKen Altman
Deborah Alvarez-RodriguezDeborah Alvarez-Rodriguez, CEO, Goodwill SFDeborah Alvarez-Rodriguez
Phillip AlveldaDr. Phillip Alvelda - CEO and co-founder - MobiTVPhillip Alvelda
Saeed AmidiSaeed Amidi of Plug and Play Tech CenterSaeed Amidi
 Amtrak PhotomosaicAmtrak Mosaic; photomosaic illustration of male working in compartment enjoying train travel Amtrak Photomosaic
Craig AmundsonCraig Amundson, chief operating officer for the dental division of HealthPartners in MinneapolisCraig Amundson
David Andelman(L-R) Tom Dooley, Leslie Moonves, David Andelman, George Abrams, Philippe Dauman, and Sumner Redstone, September 19, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469David Andelman
David Andelman(L-R) David Andelman, Philippe Dauman, and George Abrams, September 19, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469David Andelman
Dave AndersonDave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave's barbecue restaurantsDave Anderson
Ellen AndersonEllen Anderson, Minnesota state senatorEllen Anderson
Jennifer AndersonAssociate Judge DC Superior Court Judge Jennifer M. Anderson photographed in an empty courtroom in front of a jury box in Washington, DC August 22, 2006.Jennifer Anderson
Mary AndersonMary Anderson, head of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan CouncilMary Anderson
Morrie AndersonMorrie Anderson, former chancellor, Minnesota State Colleges and UniversitiesMorrie Anderson
Peter AndersonPeter Anderson, former American Express fund managerPeter Anderson
Richard AndersonRichard Anderson, CEO Northwest AirlineRichard Anderson
Ron AndersonRon Anderson - Anderson Mobile EstatesRon Anderson
Sally AndersonSally Anderson, mutual fund manager with Lee Kopp in MinneapolisSally Anderson
Dwayne AndreasDwayne Andreas, former chairman and chief executive of Archer Daniels MidlandDwayne Andreas
Julia AndresJulia AndresJulia Andres
Cecil Andrusportrait of Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus hunting geese; recreation Idaho NRA outdoors politics politician gun control riflesCecil Andrus
Colin AngleColin Angle, CEO and Co-founder of iRobot, with Roomba, iRobot LE, Packbot, CoWorker, and Packbot EOD at the company headquarters in Burlington, MA, 06/29/2004 © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Colin Angle
Kofi AnnanKofi Annan, head of the United Nations, speaking at Macalester College'sKofi Annan
Max G. AnsbacherMax G. Ansbacher, President, Ansbacher Investment ManagementMax G. Ansbacher
Tonya AntonucciTonya Antonucci - CEO, commisioner - Womens Professional SoccerTonya Antonucci
Dennis ArcherDennis Archer, Mayor of DetroitDennis Archer
Fred ArchibaldFred Archibald - Network Manager - UC BerkeleyFred Archibald
Dominick ArgentoDominick Argento, composer and Regent's Professor at the University of MinnesotaDominick Argento
Donald ArgusDr. Donald Argus, Geophysicist, JPL, Pasadena, CA 8.6.02Donald Argus
Milo ArkemaMilo Arkema, CPA and consultant with Lund Koehler Cox & Arkema in MinneapolisMilo Arkema
Billy Joe ArmstrongGREEN DAY: San Francisco Bay Area based band Green Day, (L-R) Mike Dirnt, Billy Joe Armstrong, and Tre Cool. Green Day currently has the number one Hit Single 'American Idiot' from their new album with the same title.Billy Joe Armstrong
C. Michael ArmstrongC. Michael Armstrong, AT&T CEO, NJC. Michael Armstrong
Eugene ArnettEugene W. Arnett, Minneapolis health care executiveEugene Arnett
Mandeep AroraMandeep Arora & Anant Agrawal of Cantaloupe SystemsMandeep Arora
Samir AroraSamir Arora of GlamSamir Arora
Brian ArthurBrian Arthur, Stanford UniversityBrian Arthur
Pamela ArwayPamela Arway, American Express Corporate Travel, studio and environmental portraits at Offices in NYC.Pamela Arway
Jon AsgeirJon Asgeir Johannesson, Baugur Group CEO, prominent businessman from IcelandJon Asgeir
Joseph AtickIdentix CEO Joseph Atick with devices of which the Department of Homeland Security is a key customer.Joseph Atick
Doug AtkinsDoug Atkins, copywriter at Hunt Adkins Advertising, MinneapolisDoug Atkins
H. Brewster AtwaterH. Brewster Atwater, former chairman of General Mills, Minneapolis, MNH. Brewster Atwater
Brian AtwoodBrian Atwood, Fashion Designer, Brian AtwoodBrian Atwood
Nancy K. AustinNancy K. Austin, Nancy K. Austin Inc.Nancy K. Austin
Jeff AuxierJeff Auxier - Fund managerJeff Auxier
Dick AverittRaymond James Financial Services Chairman and CEO Dick Averitt Nov 2008Dick Averitt
Antonia Axson (Ax:son)  JohnsonAntonia Axson Johnson (Antonia Ax:son Johnson)' Chairman of Axel Johnson AB, Stockholm, SwedenAntonia Axson (Ax:son) Johnson
Charlie AyersCharlie Ayers, the former Chef for Google, the world famous Silicon Valley Search company, plans to open his own cafe next year in Palo Alto Calif.Charlie Ayers
Danielle AyotteJulie Dix and Danielle Ayotte (short hair), founders of Taggies, Paxton, MA, 09/30/2006 © 2006 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Danielle Ayotte
Hana BabaHana Baba - reporter - NPR, KALWHana Baba
Sebastien BabolatSebastien Babolat, a student from France now interning in the US, produces a weekly French language training Podcast during his freetime photographed in Leunig's Cafe, Burlington, VT, 10/24/2005 © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Sebastien Babolat
Jonathan BachJonathan Bach, President, Puget Custom Computers. Photographed at his headquarters/warehouse in Kent, WA. 1/31/8.Jonathan Bach
Robbie BachRobbie Bach, Microsoft, X-Box Division. Redmond, WA.Robbie Bach
Robbie BachRobbie Bach, project engineer for X-box at Microsoft.Robbie Bach
Dale BachmanDale Bachman, owner of Bachman's Floral and Garden Center in Minneapolis.Dale Bachman
Todd BachmanTodd Bachman, CEO of Bachmans FloralTodd Bachman
Ed BaetgeEmmanuel Ed Baetge of NovocellEd Baetge
Christian BahaChristian Baha, CEO, Quadriga Asset Management, IncChristian Baha
Geno BahenaGeno Bahena, Chef, Malverde RestaurantGeno Bahena
Kirk BaileyKirk C. Bailey, CISSP, CISM; Chief Information Security Officer, University of Washington. Photographed in the Law Library (white) and the Main Library on the UW Campus. 8/30/7.Kirk Bailey
Thomas BainesThomas Baines, Licensed Private InvestigatorThomas Baines
Sheila BairSheila Bair' Charwoman FDICSheila Bair
bajaj bajajbajaj bajaj, bajaj auto' Rajiv Bajaj is a prominent Indian businessman. CEO of Bajaj Auto.He comes from the business house started by Jamunalal Bajaj. Bajaj Auto is his flagship company.bajaj bajaj
Chet BakerChet BakerChet Baker
David BakerDavid Baker, photographed at University of Washington (Seattle)David Baker
Nicholson BakerBaker, Nicholson, NovelistNicholson Baker
Gerald BaldnerGerald Baldner, owner of francise system, Kitchen Savers in LaCrosse, WIGerald Baldner
Justin & Deborah BaldwinJustin & Deborah Baldwin of Justin Vineyards & Winery in Paso Robles, CAJustin & Deborah Baldwin
David BallDavid Ball, football player for the UNH Wildcats, Durham, NH, 08/22/2006 © 2006 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469David Ball
David BallardDavid J. Ballard, Dr., head of Section of Health Services Evaluation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.David Ballard
Glenn BallmanGlenn Ballman, CEO & Founder of OnViaGlenn Ballman
Steve BallmerSteve Ballmer, shot during interview.Steve Ballmer
Steve BallmerMICROSOFT: Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WashingtonSteve Ballmer
Steve BallmerSteve Ballmer, MicrosoftSteve Ballmer
Steve BallmerSteve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, StudioSteve Ballmer
 Ballmer & GatesMicrosoft - Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer Seattle Ballmer & Gates
Salvatore BalsamoSalvatore Balsamo, Chairman, TAC Worldwide. Dedham, MASalvatore Balsamo
Jim BalsillieJim Balsillie Co-Chief Executive Officer, Research In Motion discusses new handsets and software for the Blackberry , during an interview September 11, 2008 in San Francisco, Calif.Jim Balsillie
Dave BalterDave Balter, President of BzzAgent, a word of mouth marketing firm, with Aaron Cohen, Dr. Al Chase, Katie Schmidt, Kira Kirk, and Edrick Derry, 01/02/2004 © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Dave Balter
Stephanie BanisterStephanie Banister of Accept SoftwareStephanie Banister
Jonathan BankJonathan Bank of CobanJonathan Bank
Kent BankKent M. Bank, president of Minneapolis Washer and Stamping Inc. in Minneapolis, MN.Kent Bank
Sid BanwartSid Banwart, CIO, Caterpillar CorporationSid Banwart
Jim BarksdaleJim Barksdale, Netscape, Aspen, COJim Barksdale
Carrolee BarlowCarrolee Barlow of Brain CellsCarrolee Barlow
Ben BarnesPortrait of Ben Barnes, vice president and general manager of the business intelligence group at HP on the HP Cupertino campus.Ben Barnes
Graham BarnesGraham Barnes - CEO - NextWebGraham Barnes
Lawrence (Larry) BarnesLawrence G. Barnes, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, 9.27.02Lawrence (Larry) Barnes
Robert BarnesRobert Barnes - CIO - Korbel WinesRobert Barnes
Carol BarneyCarol Ross Barney, Architect, Ross Barney ArchitectsCarol Barney
Matthew BarneyMatthew Barney, Video Artist, Hollywood, CA 4.29.03Matthew Barney
David BaronDavid Baron - Professor - Stanford Graduate School of BusinessDavid Baron
Ron BaronRon Baron, founder, CEO, Baron Capital ManagementRon Baron
Ron BaronRon Baron of Baron CapitalRon Baron
Ben BarresBen Barres, Transexual/Professor of Biology, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 7.23.06Ben Barres
Craig BarrettCraig Barrett, Intel CEO, CACraig Barrett
Craig BarrettBarrett, Craig Intel, CEOCraig Barrett
Craig BarrettCraig Barrett. CEO Intel, Santa Clara CaliforniaCraig Barrett
Craig R. BarrettCraig R. Barrett, Intel CorporationCraig R. Barrett
Heidi BarrettBarrett, Heidi, Napa Wine Company, PresidentHeidi Barrett
Jennifer BarrettJennifer Barrett, Privacy Leader, AcxiomJennifer Barrett
Jim & Bo BarrettJim & Bo Barrett of Chateau Montelena wineryJim & Bo Barrett
Tracy BarronTracy Barron - American Association of Critical Care NursesTracy Barron
Dede BarryDede Barry, Cyclist, World Champion, National Champion and member of the T-Mobile professional women's cycling team.Dede Barry
Juergen BartelsJuergen Bartels, former president of Carlson Hospitality Group in Minneapolis, MNJuergen Bartels
Maria BARTIROMOMaria BARTIROMO, Correspondent / Anchor, CNBCMaria BARTIROMO
Maria BartiromoMaria BartiromoMaria Bartiromo
Raymond BartonRaymond L. Barton, president of Great Clips, Inc.Minneapolis, MN.Raymond Barton
Tim BartonTim Barton, CEO, Freightquote.comTim Barton
Tom BartonTom Barton of Rackable SystemsTom Barton
Nir BarzalaiDr. Nir BarzalaiNir Barzalai
Paul BaskisPaul Baskis, Inventor and MicrobiologistPaul Baskis
George BassGeorge Bass, owner of The Country Hen, an organic egg farm in Hubbardston, MA, September 19, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469George Bass
Bonnie BasslerBonnie Bassler, PhD, Professor & Director of Grad Studies, at Princeton University and an HHMI Investigator (seated) and choreographer Liz Lerman of the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Williamstown, MA, Feb. 10, 2006 © 2006 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Bonnie Bassler
JT BatsonJT Batson of The Rubicon ProjectJT Batson
Michael BattMichael Batt, president of leisure travel for Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates in Minneapolis, MN.Michael Batt
John BattelleJohn Battelle - writer and co-founder of The Industry Standard and Wired MagazineJohn Battelle
George 'Skip' BattleGeorge 'Skip' BattleGeorge 'Skip' Battle
Michael BauerMichael Bauer - Entrepreneur in Residence - Foundation CapitalMichael Bauer
Monika BauerleinPortrait of Monika Bauerlein, the co- editor-in-chief of Mother Jones , a national political and investigative magazine based in San Francisco.Monika Bauerlein
Noah BaumbachNoah Baumbach, Writer/Director, Hollywood, Calif. 10.7.05Noah Baumbach
Rick BaylessRick Bayless - Chicago Chef and Mexican food guru. Cookbook writerRick Bayless
Rick BaylessRick Bayless / ChefRick Bayless
Andrew BealAndrew Beal ' Founder of Beal Bank and Beal Aerospace TechnologiesAndrew Beal
Audrey BealAudrey Beal, owner of Travel Ways travel agency, Wayzata, MN.Audrey Beal
David BealDavid Beal, columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Dispatch newspaper, St. Paul, MN.David Beal
Char BealesChar Beales, CEO, CTAMChar Beales
 Beardstown LadiesBeardstown Ladies Beardstown Ladies
Eric BeasleyEric Beasley, Senior Network Administrator, Baker HillEric Beasley
James BeasleyJames Beasley, AttorneyJames Beasley
Andy BechtolsheimAndy Bechtolsheim of Arista NetworksAndy Bechtolsheim
Robert BeckRobert Beck, MD, vice president of medical affairs for HealthEast Hospital System, St. Paul, MN.Robert Beck
Anthony BeckerAnthony Becker, economics professor, St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.Anthony Becker
Brad BecksteadBrad Beckstead of Beckstead & Watts - Sarbanes OxleyBrad Beckstead
Henry BeebeHenry M. Beebe, AT&T's chief engineer and leader of the capture team. Beebe was photographed February 6, 2006 in the Oakton, VA offices of AT&T.Henry Beebe
Ed BegleyEd Begley, Jr., Actor/Environmentalist, at home in Studio City, Calif. 1.19.06Ed Begley
Udi BehrUdi Behr, Jewelry DesignerUdi Behr
Michael BeindorffBeindorff, Michael, VISA USAMichael Beindorff
Bill BelichickBill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, at a practice at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, 08/16/2005 © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Belichick
Bill BelichickBill Belichick, Head Coach, and Robert Kraft, Owner, of the Patriots, at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, 08/16/2005 © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Belichick
David BellDavid Bell, (then True North Chairman and CEO) now Chairman and CEO of Interpublic.David Bell
Gordon BellGordon Bell, MicrosoftGordon Bell
Gordon BellGordon BellGordon Bell
Gordon BellGordon Bell of MicrosoftGordon Bell
DENNY BELLESIDENNY BELLESI, Coast Hills Community Church, Orange County, CA. Bellisi created and wrote about 'The Kingdom Assignment': he gave his parishioners' hundred-dollar-bills, to be invested creatively in the betterment of some' less-fortunate person or group.DENNY BELLESI
varanasi benarasVaranasi is the City of ' LORD SHIVA'' Varanasi is the Capital Of all Knowledge' Varanasi is the City Of Light' Varanasi is a Religious and Spiritual City' city of Ghats of Holy Ganges' Varanasi is a City Of Temples Ashrams , benaras, indiavaranasi benaras
Gail BenderGail Bender, MD, oncologist in solo practice in Minneapolis, MN.Gail Bender
Carol BeneschCarol Benesch, Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa, 05/24/2005 © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Carol Benesch
Eric BenhamouBenhamou, Eric, 3Com Systems Corporation, President & CEO.Eric Benhamou
Roberto BenigniRoberto Benigni, Actor, New York, NYRoberto Benigni
Marc BenioffMarc Benioff of SalesForce.comMarc Benioff
Marc BenioffBenioff, Marc,, PresidentMarc Benioff
Marc BenioffMarc Benioff of SalesForce.comMarc Benioff
Joel BennettAttorney Joel P. Bennett of Washington, DC photographed near his office in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC on May 26, 2005Joel Bennett
Richard BennettRichard A. Bennett, CEO of the Corporate Library, on Exchange St. in the Old Library, on Exchange St. in the Old Port section of Portland, ME. 03/09/07 © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Richard Bennett
Steve BennettSteve Bennett - CEO - IntuitSteve Bennett
Steve BennettSteve Bennett, IntuitSteve Bennett
Dave BentDave Bent, Senior Vice President, CIO, United Stationers Supply CoDave Bent
Dr. Alfred BergDr. Alfred BergDr. Alfred Berg
Steve BergSteve Berg, editor, Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, Minneapolis, MNSteve Berg
Eric BergenEric L. Bergen, United Healthcare Corp., Minneapolis, MN.Eric Bergen
Shoshana BergerShoshana Berger of Ready Made MagazineShoshana Berger
Bob BergsonBob Bergson--Northern Small Value Fund ManagerBob Bergson
Jordan BerkowitzJordan Berkowitz, online poker whiz, teenage, Pagona 'Pam' BerkowitzJordan Berkowitz
Jordan BerkowitzJordan Berkowitz, online poker whizJordan Berkowitz
Steve BerkowitzASK JEEVES: CEO Steve Berkowitz with their trademark butler icon as Ask Jeeves, 3rd largest search engine company, moves into their new corporate headquarters in downtown Oakland, Calif.Steve Berkowitz
David BermanDr. David Berman, MD, FRCSC, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon photographed at his prctice in Sterling, VA. (Dr. Berman reattached the penis of John Wayne Bobbitt after it had been severed by his former wife with a kitchen knife while he lay asleep.)David Berman
David BermanDavid Berman - VP Sales - WebExDavid Berman
Lyle BermanLyle Berman, former CEO of Wilsons Leather, Minneapolis, MN.Lyle Berman
Ben BernankeBen Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, testafies to the House Financial Services Committee on Captitol Hill in Washington, July 20, 2006.Ben Bernanke
Stephen BernardStephen Bernard, Chairman, and Nicole Dawes, COO, of Late July Organic Snacks in Hyannis, MA, December 28, 2007 © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Stephen Bernard
Jon BernsonJon Bernson - guitarist - Ray's Vast BasementJon Bernson
Bruce BernsteinBruce Bernstein, Assistant Director for Cultural Resources at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), pictured at the Suitland, MD Cultural Resources Center (CRC) holding various Native American artifacts. Photographed 7/2004Bruce Bernstein
Richard BernsteinRichard Bernstein of Merrill LynchRichard Bernstein
Gordon BethuneGordon Bethune, CEO of Continental Airlines, inspects and flies new Boeing 777 accepted into the airline's fleet.Gordon Bethune
Walt BettingerWalt Bettinger of Charles SchwabWalt Bettinger
WALTER BETTINGERWALTER BETTINGER is the most recent CEO of the Charles Schwab Company. Bettinger is the first non-family member to hold that title. WALTER BETTINGER
Gary B. BettmanGary B. Bettman, Commissioner, National Hockey LeagueGary B. Bettman
Martin BeukhofMartin Beukhof, director of systems development for Fingerhut Corp. in Minnetonka, MN.Martin Beukhof
Jeffrey BewkesJeffrey Bewkes, Time Warner CEO and Chairman, at company headquarters in NYC.Jeffrey Bewkes
Dr. Robert BeysterDr. Robert Beyster, (SAIC) Science Applications International CorporationDr. Robert Beyster
Jeff BezosJeff Bezos, CEO AmazonJeff Bezos
Jeff BezosJeff Bezos, CEO July 2002Jeff Bezos
Jeff quarterly meeting Jeff Bezos, Joe Galli in Seattle WAJeff Bezos
Jeff BezosJeff Bezos, CEO of April 2008Jeff Bezos
Jeff BezosJeff Bezos, CEO of January 2006.Jeff Bezos
Jeffrey P. Jeff BezosJeffrey P., Jeff, Bezos, Founder, CEO,, Executive, Portraits and Jumping on a TrampolineJeffrey P. Jeff Bezos
mahatma gandhi bhopalmaking string out of cotton at Gandhi museum in Bhopal,' Ashes of mahatma ghandhi is buried here , madhya pradesh, india, mahatma gandhimahatma gandhi bhopal
Richard BianchiRichard Bianchi, founder of Alexsys Corp., at his home in Stoneham, MA, September 13, 2005. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Bianchi
Gina BianchiniGina Bianchini, CEO NingGina Bianchini
Jessica BibliowiczJessica Bibliowicz, President & CEO, National Financial PartnersJessica Bibliowicz
Glen BickerstaffGlen Bickerstaff, Trust Company of the West, Los Angeles, CAGlen Bickerstaff
Joe BidenJoe Biden' Vice President of the United States' ' Joe Biden
Charles BidermanCharles Biderman of Trim TabsCharles Biderman
Jim BidzosJim Bidzos, cryptographer.Jim Bidzos
Angela BieverRaymond James Financial Chief Administrative Officer Angela Biever September 2008. Biever formerly worked for Intel.Angela Biever
Angela BieverRaymond James Financial Chief Administrative Officer Angela Biever November 2008. Biever formerly worked for Intel.Angela Biever
Lukas BiewaldLukas Biewald of Dolores LabsLukas Biewald
Kelsey BiggersKelsey Biggers, VP, Bankers Trust CompanyKelsey Biggers
Barton BiggsBarton Biggs of TraxisBarton Biggs
Ted BigmanTed Bigman, Managing Director, Morgan StanleyTed Bigman
ajay bijliAjay Bijli, MD and CEO PVR cinemas in indiaajay bijli
Jen BilikJen Bilik of Knock KnockJen Bilik
McDermott BillBill McDermott, SAP, President and CEO.McDermott Bill
Wrigley BillBill Wrigley & William Perez, photographed togetherWrigley Bill
Mark BilladouMark Billadou, mutual fund manager in Edina, MN.Mark Billadou
Eric BillingsleyEric Billingsley - Principal Engineer - eBayEric Billingsley
Chirs BingamanChirs Bingaman, an analyst with Diamond Hill Capital Management Inc. in ColumbusChirs Bingaman
Rodney BingenheimerRodney Bingenheimer, DJ (Rodney on the ROQ), Hollywood, CA 3.19.04Rodney Bingenheimer
Greg BinkleyGreg Binkley, owner of The Sportsman Guide, St. Paul, MNGreg Binkley
Malcolm BirdMalcolm Bird, Senior Vice President and General Manager, AOL Kids (America Online) with members of his staff and with various toys. Dulles, Virginia VAMalcolm Bird
Sarah BirdSarah Bird - VP Marketing - Annie's HomegrownSarah Bird
Steven BirdSteven Bird - General Partner - Focus VenturesSteven Bird
Lazlo BirinyiLazlo Birinyi, Stock Market Analyst, Greenwich, CTLazlo Birinyi
Norbert BischofbergerNorbert Bischofberger of Gilead SciencesNorbert Bischofberger
Mark Bittman Mark Bittman cooking in running clothesMark Bittman
kishore biyaniKishore Biyani, CEO , pantaloon retail, indiakishore biyani
Jim BizdosBizdos, Jim, RSA, PresidentJim Bizdos
Erik BlachfordErik Blachford, CEO Blachford
Carole BlackCarole Black, Lifetime Television President and CEO at Corporate Headquarters in NYC. On location and 'studio' shots available.Carole Black
Scott BlackScott M. Black, president of Delphi Management, at his offices in Boston, MA, September 29, 2005. © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Black
Dr. Elizabeth BlackburnElizabeth H. Blackburn, PhD, 60, of the University of California, San Francisco was named to receive the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn
Philip BlackmonPhilip M. Blackmon, Executive Vice President of CompuDyne Corp. President & CEO of Quanta Systems Corporation (a subsidiary of CompuDyne Corporation) photographed in Gaithersburg, MD.Philip Blackmon
Bryce BlairBryce Blair of AvalonBay CommunitiesBryce Blair
Kim BlairProfessor Kim Blair at MITs Center for Sports Innovation, Cambridge, MA, 06/06/2002 © 2002 Shawn G. Henry ... 978-283-3469Kim Blair
Julie BlakeJulie Blake, co-owner of the Blake Group, an Edina MN-based insurance group.Julie Blake
Mike BlakeMike Blake - VP and CFO - Kaiser Permanente IT and Health Plan AdministrationMike Blake
Dan BlanchardCaptain Dan Blanchard, CEO of American Safari CruisesDan Blanchard
Maurice BlankMaurice Blank, Architect, Blu Dot Inc.Maurice Blank
Don BlankenshipDon Blankenship, CEO and President of Massey Energy, Photographed in his office in KentuckyDon Blankenship
Chris BlaydonChris Blaydon, Tuck Business School, 06/24/2003 © 2003 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Chris Blaydon
John BlazevichJohn Blazevich, CEO of ContessaJohn Blazevich
Gary BledsoeGary Bledsoe, former chief information officer for Fingerhut Corp. in Minnetonka, MN.Gary Bledsoe
Tim BlixsethTim BlixsethTim Blixseth
Leslie BlodgettLeslie Blodgett, President of Bare Escentuals, San Francisco, CA 9.18.00Leslie Blodgett
Gary BloomBLOOM, VERITAS: Gary Bloom, Chairman, President and CEO, Veritas SoftwareGary Bloom
Gary BloomGary Bloom of VeritasGary Bloom
Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg, Bloomberg LLP, B&W Headshot, Interview photos, and environmental portrait in Bloomberg Terminal Training Room at Bloomberg Headquarters in NYC. Now Mayor of New York City.Michael Bloomberg
Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg, President & CEO, Bloomberg. L.P.Michael Bloomberg
Michael BloombergMichael BloombergMichael Bloomberg
Michael BlumenthalMichael Blumenthal, former US Secretary of the Treasury, was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama. Photographed in his library, Princeton, NJ.Michael Blumenthal
Tom BobichTom Bobich - Senior VP, Marketing & Product Development - Visage MobileTom Bobich
George BochettoGeorge Bochetto, Pennsylvania Boxing Commissioner, Front Street Gym.George Bochetto
John BoehnerU.S. Representative John Boehner (R-OHIO) pictured with the US Capitol building in the background. Congressman Congress Photographed July, 2003.John Boehner
 BOEINGBoeing jet manufacture, technology, exports Everett WA 737, 747, 767, 747-400 jets; Seattle economy, balance of trade, industry airplanes, export, Renton BOEING
 BOEINGBoeing 737 Production of Boeing 737 on assembly line Renton, WA Airplanes, export, balance of trade, technology, transportation, commercial aircraft production BOEING
Marco BoerriesMarco Boerries, Executive Vice President, Connected Life Division YahooMarco Boerries
James BoettcherJames Boettcher - General Partner - Focus VenturesJames Boettcher
Bill BogaardMayor Bill Bogaard, Pasadena, CA 1.19.04Bill Bogaard
 BogleJohn Bogle, Jack Bogle, founder, The Vanguard Group Bogle
John / Jack BogleJohn (Jack) Bogle, Vanguard Funds.John / Jack Bogle
John BohanJohn Bohan, vice president of pension investment for the former Pillsbury Company in Minneapolis, MNJohn Bohan
Stephen BohligStephen W. Bohlig, vice president of marketing for Compar, Eden Prairie, MNStephen Bohlig
Mark BohnhorstMark Bohnhorst, associate general counsel for the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN.Mark Bohnhorst
Daniel BoivinDaniel Boivin, lawyer with Meshbesher & Spence, Ltd., Minnetonka, MN.Daniel Boivin
Glen BolanderGlen Bolander, president, Grist Mill Foods, Lakeville, MN.Glen Bolander
Tony BollenScott Valentine (L), Program Director KCMS/Spirit 105.3, and Tony Bollen, VP and General Manager CRISTA BroadcastingTony Bollen
Steve BollenbachSteve BollenbachSteve Bollenbach
Glen BolofskyGlen Bolofsky of on New York City sidewalk by No Parking signGlen Bolofsky
Todd BoltonTodd Bolton, executive chef of Chino Latino Restaurant, Minneapolis, MN.Todd Bolton
Anton BommersbachAnton Bommersbach, CSO, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.Anton Bommersbach
Danny BonaduceDanny Bonaduce, Radio Host, Phoenix, AZDanny Bonaduce
Bruce BondBruce Bond, CEO, PowerSharesBruce Bond
Bill BoniBill Boni, Vice President And Chief Information Security Officer, MotorolaBill Boni
Harrold BonniksonPete Bonnikson - VP of Mortgage Operations - ELoan (E-Loan)Harrold Bonnikson
Michael BonsignoreMichael Bonsignore, former CEO of Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN.Michael Bonsignore
Laurence BoothLaurence Booth, Architect, Booth Hansen AssociatesLaurence Booth
David BorgenichtDavid Borgenicht, Worst-Case Scenario Survival handbookDavid Borgenicht
Bob BorlikBob Borlik, Chief Information Officer of Super Valu, Minneapolis, MN.Bob Borlik
Jon BortzJon E. Bortz, Chairman & CEO of LaSalle Hotel Properties photographed September 1, 2005 at the Lansdowne Resort in Lansdowne, VirginiaJon Bortz
Amar BoseAmar BoseAmar Bose
Vanu BoseDr. Vanu G. Bose, CEO & President, Vanu Inc., on the roof of his apartment building in Cambridge, MA. 10/27/02, © 2002 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Vanu Bose
Michael J. BoskinDr Michael J Boskin,Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow Hoover Institute at Stnaford University.Michael J. Boskin
Jim BostickJim Bostick, former CEO of Nordic Track, Minneapolis, MN.Jim Bostick
McKinley BostonMcKinley Boston, former athletic department director at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.McKinley Boston
David BostwickDavid G. Bostwick, MD, associate professor of pathology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.David Bostwick
Leonard BoswellLeonard L. Boswell, Iowa democratic senatorLeonard Boswell
John BoujoukosJohn Boujoukos, Franchise Owner, Dunkin Donuts, 11/29/2004 © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Boujoukos
Tony BouzaTony Bouza, former Minneapolis chief of police and author.Tony Bouza
William BowenEnvironmental portrait of William G. Bowen, President Emeritus, Andrew Mellon FoundationWilliam Bowen
Richard BowlesRichard Bowles III, Senior VP, Schering Plough, photographed in corporate offices, Kenilworth, NJRichard Bowles
Darrel BowmanDarrel E. Bowman, CEO, AppTech. Photographed in his offices, Tacoma, WA. 1/17/7.Darrel Bowman
Jeffrey Boydjeffrey Boyd' CEO of' 8/09' ' Jeffrey Boyd
Todd BoydTodd Boyd, Author/Professor, USC Film School, 1.3.03Todd Boyd
Danny BoyleDANNY BOYLE: Portrait of British film director Danny Boyle Feb 26 in San Francisco, CA. Boyle, has directed 'Trainspotting', '28 Day's Later' and his current film, ' Millions.' Boyle prefers to follow the path of his filmmaking impulses.Danny Boyle
Gregory BoyleFather Gregory Boyle, Priest and Founder of Homeboy Industries, Non-Profit Education/Rehabilitation for Inner City Kids, Los Angeles, Calif.Gregory Boyle
Edward BozaanEdward Bozaan, Waterford Partners. In studio with international flagsEdward Bozaan
Tom BozlinskiTom Bozlinski, headed up network service for Fingerhut Corp, Minnetonka, MN.Tom Bozlinski
David BradleyMr. David G. Bradley, chairman of The Atlantic Monthly, at the magazine's offices in Boston, MA. © 2001 Shawn G. HenryDavid Bradley
Jim BradleyJim Bradley, CIO United Health Care, Minneapolis, MN.Jim Bradley
Patrick BradleyPatrick Bradley of Ripe - also shot with Ryan MagnussenPatrick Bradley
Gerald BradyBrady, Gerald, 3i, Associate Director, Technology Group, fiber optic technology,Gerald Brady
Teresa BradyTeresa Brady, director of chronic disease services for Fairview Hospital and Health Care Services in Minneapolis, MN.Teresa Brady
Tom BradyTom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, practicing at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, 08/16/2005 © 2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Brady
Sandra BragarPhotograph Sandra Bragar of Kochis Fitz in San Francisco, CASandra Bragar
Alessandra BrancaAlessandra Branca, Interior DesignerAlessandra Branca
Stewart BrandBrand, Stewart, Whole Earth Catalog, FounderStewart Brand
John BrandlJohn Brandl, former state legislator and dean of the University of Minnesota's Humphrey InstituteJohn Brandl
David C. BrandsDavid Brands of Coast CutleryDavid C. Brands
Richard BransonVIRGIN: Sir Richard Branson, founder and CEO of Virgin.Richard Branson
William BRATTONWILLIAM BRATTON, Police Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.William BRATTON
Francis BraunFrancis Braun, broker with Robert W. Baird in Minneapolis.Francis Braun
Rich BrayRich Bray, Microsoft, Bellevue, WARich Bray
Richard BrayRichard Bray, director of Expositions for the American Society of Association Executives.Richard Bray
Cynthia BreazealDr. Cynthia Breazeal: post doctoral associate in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Humanoid Robotics Group at MIT in Cambridge MA, with Kismet -- the robot she has developed.Cynthia Breazeal
Debra BredeDebra Kendall Brede, president of D.K. Brede Investment Management Company, Inc., Needham, MA, 04/19/07. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Debra Brede
Richard BreedenRichard Breeden, Breeden & Co.. president. 6/2004Richard Breeden
Don BreenDon Breen - CFO - Jamba JuiceDon Breen
Ed BreenEd Breen, CEO of Tyco, photographed on location at company headquarters in Princeton, NJEd Breen
Eric BremerEric Bremer, Director of Brian Tumor Research, Children's Memorial Institute for Education and ResearchEric Bremer
Maria BrenesMaria Brenes, Community Activist, East Los Angeles, CA 10.10.03Maria Brenes
 BrennanJohn 'Jack' Brennan, CEO, The Vanguard Group Brennan
Jack BrennanJohn Brennan, Jack Brennan, The Vanguard GroupJack Brennan
Jack BrennanJack Brennan, CEO, The Vanguard Group, Vanguard Headquarters, Malvern, PA.Jack Brennan
William J. BresnanWilliam J. Bresnan, CEO, Bresnan CommunicationsWilliam J. Bresnan
Neil BresslerNeil M. Bressler, M.D. , The James P. Gills Professor of Ophthalmology photographed April 11, 2006 at the Wilmer Ophthalmologiacal Institute in The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MDNeil Bressler
Emery BrewerEmery Brewer, Funds Manager, Driehaus International Discovery FundEmery Brewer
Eric BrewerEric BrewerEric Brewer
James BreyerBreyer, James, ACCEL, Managing PartnerJames Breyer
David BrickleyDavid G. Brickley one of the founding members of the Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail photographed June 13, 2006 in King George County, VADavid Brickley
Michael BrilleyMichael Brilley, bond fund manager with SIT Mutual Funds in Minneapolis, MN.Michael Brilley
Dr. Lawrence B. BrilliantDr. Lawrence (Larry) Brilliant of GoogleDr. Lawrence B. Brilliant
Sergey BrinSergey Brin, co-founder of Google at offices in Mountain View.Sergey Brin
Christopher BrinkChristopher Brink of the $5 million Brink Foundation and Mona Vie in Tampa, FL November 2008Christopher Brink
Paul BrinkleyPaul A. Brinkley, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Business Transformation, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (AT&L) photographed March 21, 2006 in the Pentagon.Paul Brinkley
Art BrisbaneArt Brisbane, Senior Vice President, Knight-Ridder, San Jose, Calif. 7.29.05Art Brisbane
Glenn BrittGlenn Britt, Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO, photographed at corporate headquarters in NYC.Glenn Britt
John BrittainJohn C. Brittain, Chief Counsel & Senior Deputy Director of The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law photographed at his offices in Washington, DC on August 15, 2005John Brittain
Dr. Louann BrizendineDr. Louann Brizendine, Author of THE FEMALE BRAINDr. Louann Brizendine
Eli BroadEli BroadEli Broad
Betsy BroderBetsy Broder, Assistant Director of the Division of Planning and Information, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) photographed January 17, 2006 in Washington, DC at the FTC headquarters.Betsy Broder
William BrodskyWilliam (Bill) Brodsky, Chairman and CEO of Chicago Board Options Exchange, photographed in studio and on the exchange floor.William Brodsky
Daphne BrogdonDaphne BrogdonDaphne Brogdon
Richard BroklRichard T. Brokl of Bruegger's Bagels, Minneapolis, MN.Richard Brokl
David BromelkaDavid Bromelkamp, financial representative with Dain Rauscher in Minneapolis, MN.David Bromelka
Michael BronnerMichael Bronner, Chairman and CEO of UPromise, Inc. © 2001 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... Bronner
Phil BronsteinPhil Bronstein, Editor-In-Chief of the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, Calif. 3.31.05Phil Bronstein
Francis BrookeFrancis Brooke, photographed near his home in Washington, DC February 3, 2006. Brooke has working ties to Ahmad Chalabi, a major player in the new Iraqi government.Francis Brooke
John BrooksFather John E. Brooks, S.J., President Emeritus of College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, January 31, 2007 © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469John Brooks
Amanda BroomerAmanda BroomerAmanda Broomer
Katie BroughtonKatie Broughton - engineer at NanoMuscleKatie Broughton
Alister BrownAlister Brown, Lime BrokerageAlister Brown
Alphonce BrownAlphonce J. Brown Jr., Chairperson for the Association of Fundraising Professionals photographed May 29, 2006 by the Potomac River in Arlington, VAAlphonce Brown
Dave BrownDavid (Dave) Brown, CEO and President of Canoeing Adventures photographed on the banks of the Potomac River near Potomac, MD.Dave Brown
Jeff BrownNacon Tech founder Jeff Brown in Destin FL March 2007.Jeff Brown
John BrownJohn Brown / StrykerJohn Brown
John Seely BrownJohn Seely Brown, XeroxJohn Seely Brown
Lisa BrownLisa Brown - BroadwingLisa Brown
Mike BrownMike Brown - Foundation CapitalMike Brown
Patrick BrownPatrick Brown of Stanford UniversityPatrick Brown
Peter BrownPeter Brown, vice president of telecommunications at Cargill, Inc., MinneapolisPeter Brown
Peter BrownPeter Brown, vice president of communications at Cargill, Inc. Minneapolis, MN.Peter Brown
Peter BrownPeter Brown, vice presidnet of telecommunications at Cargill, Inc., Minneapolis, MNPeter Brown
Robert BrownRobert A. Brown, president, Lenbrook America, at the company headquarters in Sharon, MA. March 17, 2004. © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469.Robert Brown
Roger BrownLinda Mason (Chariman and Founder) and Roger Brown (Executive Chairman), of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, in Watertown, MA. 05/06/02' © 2002 Shawn G. HenryRoger Brown
Steve BrownCarlson Company CIO Steve Brown photographed in Minneapolis.Steve Brown
Tim BrownTim Brown of IDEOTim Brown
Tina BrownTina Brown, Publisher. Location photograph backstage at the National Magazine Awards alone, and together with Jan Wenner.Tina Brown
Walt BrownWalt Brown - attorney - OrrickWalt Brown
Willie BrownMayor Willie Brown in San Francisco, CAWillie Brown
Ron  BrowzRon Browz, Hip Hop, Rapper, HarlemRon Browz
Cyndy BrucatoCyndy Brucato, Minnesota public relations and political consultant.Cyndy Brucato
Ronald BruderRonald Bruder of the Education for Employment Foundation (EFE)Ronald Bruder
Rich BruecknerRich Brueckner, CEO, Pershing, LLCRich Brueckner
Luke BrugnaraLuke Brugnara of Brugnara Properties photographed with and without his daVinci painting 'Christ carrying the cross'Luke Brugnara
Antoinette BrunoAntoinette Bruno, CEO, at Offices in NYC.Antoinette Bruno
Mitchie BruscoMitchie Brusco, 6-year old skateboarding wunderkind, flies through the air with the greatest of easeMitchie Brusco
William BrusteinWilliam Brustein, professor and rational-choice sociologist at the University of Minnesota.William Brustein
Patrick BuchananPatrick J. Buchanan, Reform Party presidential candidate campaigning in Bloomington, MN during the 2000 campaign.Patrick Buchanan
Paul BuchheitPaul Buchheit of FriendFeedPaul Buchheit
John BuckJohn Buck, former president and chief operating officer for Fingerhut Corp. in Minnetonka, MN.John Buck
Shane BuckleyShane Buckley - CEO - Rohati SystemsShane Buckley
William BuckleyWilliam F. Buckley 4/1/04William Buckley
Warren BuffettWarren BuffettWarren Buffett
Janna BullockJanna BullockJanna Bullock
Jeff BundschuJim & Jeff Bundschu of Gundlach Bundschu WineryJeff Bundschu
Jacopo BuongiornoJacopo Buongiorno, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering, MIT. Cambridge, MA. November 10, 2004. © 2004 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Jacopo Buongiorno
Timothy BurchTimothy Burch, Director of R&D at Cyrano Sciences, Maker of the Electronic NoseTimothy Burch
Steve BurdSteve Burd, SafewaySteve Burd
Rob BurgessRob Burgess, MacroMedia, San Francisco, CARob Burgess
Doug BurgumDoug Burgum, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions Group. Photographed at the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA. 3/29/6.Doug Burgum
Jan BurkeJan Burke, bestselling author of novels and short stories photographed in Washington, DCJan Burke
Harry BurnHarry Burn, III - M.B.A., C.F.A. - Chairman & Portfolio Manager outsideHarry Burn
Chandler  BurrChandler Burr, author, The Perfect ScentChandler Burr
 Burr, Pilger & MayerBurr, Pilger & Mayer Burr, Pilger & Mayer
Patrick BursonUS Navy Lieutenant Commander Patrick Burson photographed at his home in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland on June 28, 2005.Patrick Burson
Danny BushMIT senior Danny Bush, from Martinez, GA, test a release mechanism on a Lange ski boot at MIT's Center for Sports Innovation, Cambridge, MA. 6/6/02 © 2002 Shawn G. Henry ... 978-283-3469Danny Bush
Julie BuskeJulie Buske, human resources manager for IS staff at the St. Paul Companies in St. Paul, MN.Julie Buske
Ardap BussonArdap BussonArdap Busson
Arpad BussonArpad BussonArpad Busson
Joey ButtafuocoJoey Buttafuoco, Beverly Hills, CA 4.7.98Joey Buttafuoco
Amy S. ButteAmy S. Butte, Senior Managing Director, Bear StearnsAmy S. Butte
Pete CabrinahPETE CABRINAH, Kite-board inventor, Maui, Hawaii. A champion competitor in' various surf-related 'extreme sports', Cabrinah is the inventor of a popular' new pastime, 'kite-boarding', which is an airborne version or sailboarding.Pete Cabrinah
Darrin CaddesDarrin Caddes - VP Corporate Design - PlantronicsDarrin Caddes
Debra CafaroDebra Cafaro, Chairman President and CEO Ventas, Inc at the Hallmark, a high end private pay independent living asset in Chicago, Illinois operated by Brookdale Senior LivingDebra Cafaro
Steve CakebreadSteve Cakebread of SalesForce.comSteve Cakebread
kolcutta calcuttaKolcutta_ city of joy, India., calcutta, monuments, writes building, victoria, howrah, high court,kolcutta calcutta
Frank CalderoniFrank Calderoni - Executive VP and CFO - Cisco SystemsFrank Calderoni
Robert M. CalderoniRobert Calderoni CEO of AribaRobert M. Calderoni
Ethan CaldwellEthan Caldwell; John Keister;Peter Christothoulou; Marchex;Ethan Caldwell
James CallinanJames Callinan, Chief Investment Officer, Equities Group, RS Investment Management. San Francisco, CA.James Callinan
Jim CallinanJim Callinan -- Bank of America/ Robertson StevensJim Callinan
James CalvanoJames Calvano, corporate president of Carlson Travel GroupJames Calvano
Andrea CamilleriNurses Andrea Camilleri (glasses), Barbara O'Donnell, Nurse-In-Charge (left, gray hair) discuss patient care in Brigham & Womens Hospital Medical ICU center, May 24, 2005. ©2005 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469 ... www.shawnhenry.comAndrea Camilleri
Margarethe CammermeyerCammermeyer, Margarethe Cammermeyer; portrait of Army officer discharged for being gay gay rights, homosexuality, lesbians, women in the military gays in the military, homosexuals in the militaryMargarethe Cammermeyer
Bill CampbellBill Campbell, Norwest Bank vice presidentBill Campbell
David CampbellDavid Campbell, Chief Los Angeles Coroner's Investigator, Retired, In the Crypt at the LA County Coroner's Office, Los Angeles, Calif. 4.27.05David Campbell
Jim CampbellJim Campbell, Digital Artist' Portrait of artist Jim Campbell in his San Francisco, studio and workshop.Jim Campbell
Lewis CampbellLewis Campbell of TextronLewis Campbell
Tom CampbellTom Campbell, former Dean of the Haas School of Business. Former California CongressmanTom Campbell
Tom CampbellTom Campbell, incoming dean of the Haas School of Business at Stanford, CATom Campbell
Willie CampbellWillie Campbell, Political Activist, Los Angeles, CA 5.5.04Willie Campbell
Geoffrey CanadaGeoffrey Canada of Harlem Children's Zone' Geoffrey Canada
James CanavaleJames Canavale of The James Irvine Foundation. Vertical and horizontal availableJames Canavale
John Canning Jr.John Canning Jr. , CEO Madison Dearborn Partners, Chicago ILJohn Canning Jr.
Ed CannonEd Cannon, CEO Elixir Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge MAEd Cannon
Jim CantalupoJim Cantalupo, former CEO, McDonald'sJim Cantalupo
James CantonDr. James Canton of Institute for Global FuturesJames Canton
Arthur CaplanDr. Arthur L. Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics and Trustee Professor of Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, and columist on bioethics photographed in Washington, DC. Photographed December, 2000Arthur Caplan
Arthur CaplanArthur Caplan, bioethicist, University of PennsylvaniaArthur Caplan
Arthur CaplanArthur Caplan, bioethicistArthur Caplan
Matt CareyMatt Carey, Chief Technology Officer, eBay MarketplacesMatt Carey
Marie-Helen CarletonMarie-Helen Carleton, Journalist, Four Corners MediaMarie-Helen Carleton
George Carlin'10 Questions with George Carlin'George Carlin
Arne CarlsonArne Carlson, former Minnesota governorArne Carlson
Bing CarlsonBing Carlson, former Minneapolis Fund managerBing Carlson
Curtis CarlsonCurtis Carlson, founder of Carlson Cos.Curtis Carlson
Thane CarlstonThane Carlston of MoelisThane Carlston
John CarpenterJohn Carpenter, Director, Burbank, CA 8.6.01John Carpenter
John CarrollJohn Carroll, Editor in Chief of the LA Times, Los Angeles, CA 7.22.03John Carroll
Mark CarrollMark Carroll, a Gloucester fisherman works aboard his dragger, Harvest Moon, fishing for cod along Jeffery's Ledge off the coast of Massachusetts, July 28, 2006. © 2006 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469.Mark Carroll
Tony CarrozzaTony Carrozza, Vice President of Sales for NeterionTony Carrozza
Marcy CarseyMarcy CarseyMarcy Carsey
 CarsonTim Carson, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Carson
Laura CarstensenLaura Carstensen of Stanford Center on LongevityLaura Carstensen
Graydon CarterGraydon Carter, Publisher of Vanity Fair. Location portrait at his office in New York.Graydon Carter
Janette CarterJanette Carter, country, gospel & bluegrass musician, songwriter, daughter of country music legends A.P. and Sara Carter photgraphed at The Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, VA. Carter Family Memorial Music CenterJanette Carter
Joe CarterJoe Dougherty Carter, country, gospel & bluegrass musician, songwriter, son of country music legends A.P. and Sara Carter photgraphed at The Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, VA. Carter Family Memorial Music CenterJoe Carter
Majora CarterMajora Carter, Executive Director & Founder: Sustainable South Bronx, a co-host on Sundance Channel's The Green; and host of a new special public radio series called, The Promised LandMajora Carter
Paul CarterPaul Carter, Director, Citigroup Institutional ConsultingPaul Carter
Susie CarterAlaska Men Magazine portraits of Susie Carter, publisher, business of romance, Susie Carter, sexualitySusie Carter
Peter CartwrightPeter Cartwright CEO Calpine ' Peter Cartwright CEO Calpine' Portrait of Calpine CEO Peter Cartwright near his home with his son's dog 'Crockett' along the Pacific Ocean in La Selva Beach, Calif.' --Photo by Kim KulishPeter Cartwright
Peter CartwrightCALPINE: Calpine Corp. Chairman and CEO Peter Cartwright at their San Jose, Calif. headquarters.Peter Cartwright
Mike CarvalhoMichael Carvalho - CTO - 1.800 RadiatorMike Carvalho
Gregory CaseGregory Case, President and CEO Aon Corporation, Chicago Illinois, at their corporate headquartersGregory Case
Frank CasertaFrank Caserta, CSO, AcxiomFrank Caserta
John CasesaJohn Casesa, Managing Partner at Casesa Shapiro Group, photographed on NYC street.John Casesa
Valerie CaseyValerie Casey. Leader of Digital Experience Practice at IDEO design.Valerie Casey
John CastleJohn K. Castle, Chairman of Castle Harlan, Inc photographed in front of yellow backgroundJohn Castle
Wendy CaswellWendy Caswell, president and CEO of ZINK Imaging, LLC, Waltham, MA, July 17, 2007. © 2007 Shawn G. Henry ... 978.283.3469Wendy Caswell
John CatsimatidisJohn Catsimatidis' Owner, and CEO of Red Apple Group' ' John Catsimatidis
Lauro CavazosLauro Cavazos, former U.S. education secretaryLauro Cavazos
James CawleyJames CawleyJames Cawley
James CayneJames Cayne, Bear Stearns, Chairman and CEO, in boardroom at Corporate Head